How to use social sharing buttons in Prestashop

One of the most important channels to share our store are social networks, and that is why the sharing buttons can not be missing on our website.

How about adding buttons to share in the product pages ?


Prestashop has a module for it, it is the ‘Social media share buttons” module, which we must install and configure from the modules section.


The configuration options are very simple, just choose the social networks you want to activate, and that’s it.


With these simple steps, we would have available the buttons to share our products on social networks and start having more followers.

Share affiliate link in social networks.

We already have social sharing buttons available to share on social networks, what if we allow our affiliates to use it easily?

At Itthinx we thought about it when we developed the Affiliates Pro module, so its use is very simple.

Visit the store as a registered affiliate, and directly without having to do anything, when you use the social buttons, your affiliate parameter will be added and you will get commissions when the users of your social networks use your publications.

The Affiliates Pro module is available from the official Addons Prestashop store.