Tell me: Speech to text post creator



The future of content creation for WordPress.

This revolutionary plugin is set to transform how articles are crafted, making the process more intuitive, efficient, and creative than ever before. With “Tell Me,” you can simply speak your thoughts and ideas into existence. Whether you’re on the go, struck by sudden inspiration, or prefer talking over typing, this plugin is your ultimate blogging companion.

Key Features

– Voice to Text Transcription: At its core, “Tell Me” offers cutting-edge speech recognition technology that accurately transcribes your audio recordings into text, providing a seamless transition from spoken word to written content.
– AI-Enhanced Writing: Beyond mere transcription, this plugin leverages artificial intelligence to refine, expand, and optimize your content. From improving grammar and style to suggesting more engaging ways to present your ideas, “Tell Me” ensures your posts are not just heard, but resonate with your audience.
– Automatic Featured Image Generation: Elevate your content with AI-powered featured image creation. “Tell Me” analyzes your post’s theme and content, then generates a captivating, relevant image that enhances your article’s visual appeal and engagement.

Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or content marketer, “Tell Me: Speech to Text Post Creator” empowers you to capture the essence of your ideas with the spoken word, then transforms them into impactful, ready-to-publish articles. Say goodbye to writer’s block and time-consuming content creation. With “Tell Me,” your voice is all you need to create compelling, high-quality posts that captivate and engage. Welcome to the new era of content creation.

How to

1. Integrate with OpenAI: Begin by entering your OpenAI API key directly into the plugin. This seamless integration empowers “Tell Me” with the advanced AI capabilities necessary to transform your audio into polished content.

2. Record Your Article: Imagine narrating a podcast—do that with your article. Whether you’re taking a stroll outside or sitting in your favorite coffee shop, record your thoughts and insights as audio. There’s no need for a script; just speak naturally about your topic as if you’re sharing your ideas with a friend.

3. Transform Audio into Posts: Once your recording is complete, “Tell Me” takes over. You have two powerful options:

  • Transcription Mode: Convert your audio directly into text, creating a post that captures every word with precision.
  • AI-Powered Creation: Elevate your content by leveraging AI to analyze and enhance your audio recording. This mode doesn’t just transcribe; it interprets tone, context, and subject matter to generate a post that’s not only accurate but also engaging and reader-friendly. Plus, the AI can suggest or even create a featured image that perfectly complements your post, making it stand out.

With “Tell Me: Speech to Text Post Creator,” you’re not just saving time; you’re embracing a more natural and dynamic way of producing content. This plugin isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about enhancing creativity and making the content creation process a joy. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional writing and hello to a world where your voice truly shapes your content.