AppointmentSW is a comprehensive appointment management plugin designed to streamline the process of scheduling and managing appointments for businesses of all types.
With this plugin, you can easily create a calendar, set your holidays, and allow users to book appointments. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for both the business and the client, making it easy to book, approve, or reject appointments with just a click of a button.
It is ideal for various businesses including hotels, restaurants, salons, spas, pet services, consultancies, counseling centers, medical practices, educational institutions, law firms, photography studios, automotive services, and more.
The plugin also includes shortcodes for easy integration into your WordPress site.


[appointmentsw_form] A form where the user can make an appointment.

[appointmentsw_myaccount] Your appointments, where you can cancel them.

[appointmentsw_admin] Display a calendar where the admin can manager the appointments from the frontend.

[appointmentsw_vacations] Now you can set your vacations from the frontend.