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Woocommerce Product Labeling


coming soon !!!

4 thoughts on “Woocommerce Product Labeling

  1. Hi There,
    Need some help please. I’ve installed the plugin and activated it but the menu isn’t showing up under my products menu…??? I’m running Woocommerce Version 2.2.8

    Many thanks

    1. Hi,
      a submenu in ‘Products’ menu is not created. You should have a tab in your product edit page.
      If your products page haven’t the ‘Product Labeling’ tab you can send us dashboard admin access to info at eggemplo dot com (please indicate this comment in the email).

  2. Hi,
    I love your labeling plugin. It’s simple and easy to use which my client will appreciate so I bought it. I’m having trouble with one small glitch. The label gets cut off at the top in the woocommerce product grid on the home page. Everywhere else it is fine. I am working on a local .dev site so I can’t send you a link. The home page was created with a drag and drop page builder. Is there a quick css fix? Any suggestions.

    1. Hi,
      sorry but I need to see the webpage. Maybe you can try to modify margin-top, e.g. if you are using “Blue square” as product labeling appearance:

      .products .wpl-square-blue {
      margin-top: 15px;


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