How to add menu in Prestashop

We are going to add items in the Prestashop main menu.

Custom links

The first step is to see and create custom links that we can use in the menu.

From the Shop Parameters -> Traffic and SEO section, we can see the URL predefined list (contact-us, brands, …), as well as create custom links.



As example, we are going to add the affiliate area page of the Affiliates Pro module. So we can add it later to the menu.

We select the module page, the title, description, keywords and the rewritten URL.

Once added, we already have it available to add to the menu with a pretty link.

Add items to the menu

From the modules section, we search the “Main menu” module.


In the configuration we can add the available items, as well as delete an existing one or change the order.

In the available items, we have links to the CMS pages, product categories, we can search by products, etc. But if we need some more additional, we can use the “Add a new link” function, to create our own.

For example, to add a link to the affiliate area created above, we indicate a label, and a link, where the address will be used when we create custom links.


Once added, we have it available in the top list to add it to the menu.

After saving, we can see it in the menu.


The affiliates module used in this article is Affiliates Pro, available in the Addons Prestashop Store.