7 May 8, 2013

Synchronizes wordpress users with MailChimp. Select MailChimp list, group and subgroup (subscribers organized in a subgroup or according to your role), and automatically new users are added to this mailchimp group. Add, update and delete synchronized users.


NOW: Synchronize existing users

  • Since 1.2.0 version.


  • New users
  • Update user info
  • Delete user


  • In a existing subgroup
  • or by roles


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Comments (7)
özgür haberMay 9Reply
Thanks. love this plugin
eggemploMay 9Reply
hi, I'm glad you like it
ideazforpplDecember 29Reply
Fantastic plugin! Do you have a similar plugin for ReachMail? That would be REALLY helpful. ReachMail provides API access, but nothing like this for WordPress.
eggemploFebruary 5Reply
Thanks, probably too late, I have not a plugin to ReachMail. cheers
WimAugust 28Reply
Hi, I'm testing the plugin. When I add a new user account, it is automatically added to the Mailchimp list. But when I remove that account, it is not deleted from the Mailchimp list. I want deleted user accounts to be deleted from Mailchimp, or at least removed from the subgroup they are added to. Is this possible? I see in the features that 'Delete user' should be synchronised. Note: I'm using it on a site that is part of a multisite network.
WimAugust 28Reply
OK I've tested it on another site and there it works perfectly. So it is not fully Multisite compatible.
eggemploSeptember 1Reply
Hi Wim, thanks for the feedback, We'll check out for the next update. Thanks, Antonio B.

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